PCI LCD POST Diagnostic Card
PCI LCD POST Diagnostic Card

The LCD PCI POST Diagnostic Card use database compress technologies, so we can store all debug error information to MCU. The MCU can analysis debug code and show error information, thus you can repair your motherboard (main-board) quickly. It displays the error message on the LCD.

Specification & Feature
PCI 32-Bit Slot - desktop computer.
Compatible with ATX, BTX, ITX
LCD display - show detail error message, need not find the meaning of the code like old diagnostic card.
6 LEDs that can indicate the power supply.
BIOS KEY & PAGE KEY can change BIOS and show previous code.
show the error message of CPU, Memory, display card and so on
Reduce troubleshooting time.
Fit for both Novices and Experienced users
Dimentions: 74mm x 63mm
Net Weight: 25g